Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Pursuit of Balance

In a chase to decipher the nature of Mother Nature, i inferred that ultimate driving force behind any natural phenomenon is “Balance”. It’s the start and the end of everything. Nature’s law are analogous to a Pendulum, the very nature of Mother Nature is to stand at equilibrium, any force disturbing the balance of this pendulum is called “destruction”, the pursuit of balance is called “innovation” and the ultimate end is again a balance. Likewise, every destruction is followed by innovation until the balance prevails. Our each activity or sentiment is governed by this simple law, we can find numerous parallels in our daily lives running in harmony to this.
Our Love or Hatred towards anybody is an act of unbalance; it’s called destruction of something balanced known as “indifference”. After being in love or hatred, we learn a lot about ourselves, we tend to change our very basic nature and this all process is called innovation or also termed as adjustment. Well, adjustment is also an innovation, though it is intangible. The ultimate end of this is again indifference; the tenure however depends on numerous factors. The more you love or hate anybody, the more time the pendulum takes to come at rest (state of indifference or Balance). Don’t be afraid, this does not mean that love dies, you love your partners daily and the unbalance will continue but you need to put that disturbing force always to keep it moving.
The laws of physics are also ruled by nature’s balancing funda. Even the charge repels similar charge until it gets its other half i.e. the opposite charge and reaches a balance termed as Neutral. It should be viewed in a positive manner, the disturbances are also essential since they paves way for innovations and hence evolution. The disturbances are what make us superior living species, what makes us lively. Even a minute thought generated in mind is a kind of disturbance (effort applied), which leads to series of thoughts (free movement) and hence modification of our behavior (innovation). Our life is also a constant swing of this pendulum, it is an un-ending quest to reach balance disturbed by either our activities or by other’s. We destroy, we create, and we live.
If we understand this basic thing then we can all stay happy forever, not being panicked by life’s unbalancing situations, knowing the fact that ultimately they are to bring some positive change, evolution and return to beginning is the ultimate end. Happiness or sadness is merely a disturbance from tranquillity (balance), they bring with them certain evolution in us, and ultimately it is the tranquillity that will prevail. Every nonconformity or extreme is temporal, only the balance is eternal. Change of state is part of life’s cycle and should always be cherished because; neither good is permanent nor bad is. Everything will come to rest one day. The pursuit of balance is what Life is!!


  1. Another way of saying what Gita says. "Moh" is the cause of all miseries or imbalance. Indifference to anything and everything is the balance state. Of mind and heart.

    You write very well. Do write more often.

  2. thanks for appreciating :). will write as soon i feel something worth it.